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Increase sales with virtual brands

Virtual brands help restaurants obtain new revenue

streams without increasing costs.

Why not use your existing kitchen to fulfill orders

from a brand that’s managed and marketed by

Redi Kitchens?

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find the perfect match!

Get matched with the best brands

for your business

We have some of the most popular brands

in our portfolio. We will match you with the

one(s) that are the best fit for your current operation.

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we promote, you cook!

we do the promoting, you do the cooking

We promote the brand(s) you choose with our delivery app partners to ensure you get the exposure you need to increase your current revenue. Remember, we only succeed when you do.

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orders made easy!

Manage more orders with ease

All your delivery orders come in through

a delivery management platform that

makes keeping up with orders easy.

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Grow your order volume

Grow and increase your revenue with additional orders and offerings to your customers. Once you complete an order, drivers pick it up and deliver. It doesn't get more simple than that!

some OF OUR POPULAR brands

IF you're ready to choose a brand and start cooking, fill out the form and we will be in touch.